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> Обновки на Rray.de, BlurBeta toolkit   
Статус: три дэ бугор
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Обновился достаточно сильно. В списке заприметил BlurBeta toolkit однако.

TreeGrunt.py - Blur Script Distribution, an explorer like interface where you can run scripts.
BlurInteractionAndUI.py - In File Menu, Loads Standard Layout, Macros and Keymap. Many functions already mapped to the keyboard. (Modeling/Animation/rigging oriented). If you load the Keymap hit Ctrl-F1 to load details about the mapping in Netview. Layout includes extra shelf with most used blur tools already on it
BlurCacheTool.py - Export of Caches from objects in the scene. Can export Pc2 (PointCache) and Tmc (TransformCache)
BlurRenamer.py - Rename objects in blur's naming convention
blurOpenScene.py - Open scenes with options for setting models to offloaded before opening. Speeds up opening of files with many characters if you only have to work on one of them.
blurImporter.py - Import of many different kinds of assets, Meshes, Rigs etc. Some functionality requires the Production Resources install

Poly_AttachMultiple.py - Attaches multiple objects into the first one selected (avoids creating duplicates)
Poly_DetachPolygons.py - Detaches selected polygons into their own object
Poly_CapHoles.py - Cap Open Holes
RemoveAllClusters.py - ( Removes all Clusters on selected Objects )
Snapshot.py - Creates a duplicate/snapshot of a mesh (even if it is in a referenced model)
importSpline.py - Imports spline exported from Max
SelectionFilter_PolygonIsland.py - Sets the selection filter to PolygonIsland
SelectionFilter_PolygonIslandRayCast.py - Sets the selection filter to Raycast PolygonIsland

MegaRigBuilder.py - Interactive Modular Rig builder with a GUI. You must download the production resources installer to use this properly
MegaSkinPanel - Easily and quickly adjust envelopes, extremely easy envelope copy/paste behaviour (Uses GATOR ... Long Live GATOR!!!). Apply Lattices and control all the connected operators from the lattice
ConstraintWidgetPanel.py - Build constrained Nulls quickly
NullEditor.py - Change look and naming of nulls
MotionTest.py - Load Motion Test onto Characters, Requires BlurRig
Hierarchy_ChangeParentToLast_RemoveSRTAnim.py -
Hierarchy_ChangeUnParent_RemoveSRTAnim.py - Removes fcurves before reparenting so the object stays at the same transform, Does not remove expressions
SelectConstrained.py, SelectConstraining.py - Can be used like Up and down hierarchy shortcuts to follow constraints. Upvectors are also included in constraining objects

blurAnimMate.py - Many useful animation tools on a dialog. eg setKey, zeroKey, Trajectories
blurAnimIO.py - Save and Load animations quickly between different characters
CopyCat.py - Copy and paste Postures and poses, also from one side of the body to the other
CopyCat... - Individual scripts to map to keys for Copy, Paste, PasteOpposite
blurMix.py - Easily mix between clips (requires the blur rig right now)
TransformBake - Plot your animations through different coordinate spaces
ClothChain.py - Do cloth Dynamics on a series of ctrls, supports some collision, outputs keys on ctrls which can be adjusted.
MocapTransfer.py - Save BlurRig and animation to FBX Format (with standard fbx naming)
PenetrationStation.py - Fix Mesh Penetrations with intuitive interface (requires Blur Naming)
timeRangeSetStartToCurrent.py, timeRangeSetEndToCurrent.py Sets the current time as the beginning or end of your time range
KeyPosRot.py - set Key on position/rotation
KeyZeroPosRot.py - set Zero Key on position/rotation
FCurveInterpolation... - Set Fcurve interpolation to Constant/Linear/Spline on all transform channels
ToggleAnimationLayers.py - Toggle animation Layers on and off
MatchTransformToLast.py - Matches transform of first object selected to the last, always works
transTool_Cycle.py - Changes to the transform tool and cycles through the tools
Select... - Shortcuts to select parts of the blurRig

cameraDataAdd.py - Add CameraData eg ShotNum, RangeStart, RangeEnd
shotNext.py, shotPrev.py - Jump to the next camera changing the frame range
shotSequenceCam.py - Makes a camera that can play through all cameras
viewIsolateSelectionToggle.py - toggles isolate on current selection
cameraLookThroughSelected.py, cameraSelectCurrent.py
viewDisplayMode... - Shortcuts to change current viewport displayMode, eg Shaded, DepthCue, WireframeOnShaded, XRay, HeadLight...
viewShow... - Shortcuts to toggle on and off the types of object visible per viewport eg. CtrlTypes (Chains, curves, nulls), All, Geometry...
viewHide... - scripts to Hide and Unhide easier: UnhideAllOnVisibleLayers - unhides everything but only on visible layers, UnhideSelectionNoMatterWhat - unhides object even if it is in a hidden layer or group

SelectionFilter... - Filters interactive selection based on object type
SelectionFilter_blur... - Filters interactive selection based on Blur Naming Convention

ImportObjsInDirectory.ms - Import all .obj files in a directory
LayersStatesStore.py, LayersStatesReStore.py - Allows you to store your layer state and bring it back later
LayersMove... - AutoGeneration of layers based on Blur Naming Convention

blurXSIToolWizard.py - Create a new tool with the blurXUI Shell.
blurXUI - EASIER creation of complex Uis, You can use open source QT Designer to design Uis. This means you can do Layout and UI changes without coding changes
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